CRM and home based business

The thought comes to my CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has just as much to do with the home based business as it is the company’s intention to provide good customer support to keep customers buying their products. Whether your company’s content creation of any kind, blogging, selling products online, etc., you are marketing yourself and what you are doing to others. And it is all about building a longer and lasting relationships.

A corporation sells its products to consumers and then supports it. Why? So happy with the product and business consumers; knowing that this means that consumers will be the ambassador for the company, brand and product. Also, so that the consumer will buy again. It is much easier to build future sales to people who have already bought the product and like it than to spend resources and energy enticing others you who have never purchased from you at all to buy you. A happy consumer buys from you again and again.

And it is not just what we do as we are building our social networks? We are working to build long lasting relationships with those we come in contact with. If we succeed, they really follow us – they do not just hit the follow button once in the hope we will monitor them and their “follower” number goes up. It really is not about numbers, but it does somewhat increase our exposure. It really is about building a relationship with those who have followed us – because then, instead of being just a number, it will be a man interested in our materials that will see it, think about it, send it to second, and possibly even contribute to the financial success of our live somehow.

This is the part that takes the real work out there. Do not just build your numbers, but to build relationships. Be looking to build these relationships as they are your base.

So here is some advice on what you need to be aware of as you go through Content Creation or Blogging today.

    If someone sends you a note of any kind, take a few seconds or minutes it requires to respond back to them. Let them know you hear them and care.
    If you feel that you can help them with anything – that could take to go the extra mile and actually see their blog or website or video; then do it. Providing assistance, the tip, a link to somewhere useful to them, etc. do what you can.
    If someone says to you, follow them back. And not only that, if you notice the time to create or publish the content of their own, check it out and “Like” it or “1”, or “Pin” if it is worthy of some kind of confirmation. Guess what happens: They noticed. Next around when you’re putting something out there, they will remember you and stops a moment to see what you’ve created, and maybe some good things will happen for you as well.

By doing the above, the next level of communication, what starts to happen is that you make friends out there in cyberspace. These friends help build your day as you help build finger and it is not so lonely world anymore – you all looking forward to connect with each other again at some time in the near future. Cooperation start and you begin to help each other grow and succeed. Your life and the lives of those enriched. The world will be a better place.

So enjoy the social media experience and business. This is where the rewards really are. The friendships you build.

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